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Dave Schill Thursday, 2/5/09, 7:48 AM
To the crew of CBMU-302: Our 2009 reunion is now set. We've meeting at the Howard Johnson Hotel, Branson, MO Oct. 2-4, 2009. I started sending out the registrations on 2/4/09 and had 6 confirmations from the guys by that night! This reunion is going to set a record. What's that? You want to come too? Anyone who served in CBMU-302 is welcome as well as our former unit, the 302nd NCB in WWII. CAN DO! Dave Schill, President, CBMU-302 Association.

We now have goodies in the Ship's Store for sale to benefit the 302 Assn. Items are command ball caps, battalion patch, generic NAVCAT patch, command challenge coin coming soon, battlion coffee mugs, BEEP sticker. You know you want at least one-each of these treasures! CAN DO! Dave Schill, President, CBMU-302 Assn.
From: Moorstown, NJ
  David Schill
Email:  dwschill@comcast.net